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AGCM 4300: Internships in Agricultural Communications

AGCM 4300: Internships in Agricultural Communications

Course Description
This course is the supervised work experience with an approved employer in agricultural communications. A presentation is required following the internship.

Consent of internship coordinator and adviser

Dwayne Cartmell
Angel Riggs
Shelly Sitton
Quisto Settle

Welcome to AGCM 4300, Internship in Agricultural Communications. Internships help students increase their knowledge in the agricultural communications field through supervised, hands-on experiences.

Step 1
Need an idea for an internship? Investigate internship opportunities. Ask faculty members, watch your email for opportunities, ask other students, or just think about where you might want your career. Generally, AGCM faculty members work with most internships to award academic credit.

Critical issues for internship approval are having (1) a qualified and active supervisor to mentor and guide the student, (2) at least 100 working hours per academic credit hour, (3) duties primarily in communications-based work, and (4) experience toward career development (when possible).

Step 2
Complete an Internship Proposal Form prior to enrollment in internship credit hours. The forms should be completed by April 15 for a summer internship, July 15 for a fall internship and November 15 for an internship to be completed the following spring. Forms must be completed and approved by the agricultural communications faculty prior to enrollment in internship hours.

Step 3
Once an internship is approved, your agricultural communications faculty will clear you to enroll in internship credit hours (AGCM 4300).

Step 4
Begin your internship. Submit personal and supervisor information. Also, upload contract and educational objectives to Brightspace.

Step 5
Complete your internship! Learn!

Step 6
When you have fulfilled the terms of your intern contract, complete a Self-Evaluation Form.

Step 7
Prepare a Final Report and presentation about your internship using guidelines on Brightspace.

Step 8
Watch your email to schedule a presentation for your internship final report.