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AGED 5993: Data Analysis in Agricultural Education

AGED 5993: Data Analysis in Agricultural Education

Course Description

This course is designed to aid students, who have gathered, or are gathering the data for a thesis, dissertation or other research study, to analyze and interpret that research data. Students who do not currently have data sets may choose to work with existing data sets from another similar research study in preparation for working with the data their study will generate. Quantitative analysis and interpretation may involve use of various statistical computer programs for descriptive and inferential statistical analysis, such as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) or the EXCEL spreadsheet Statistical Analysis Toolpak, in addition to numerical structuring and organization through standard spread sheets and tables. Qualitative analysis and interpretation may involve computer programs such as ATLAS.ti, NUD*IST, NVivo, WinMAX, or HyperResearch, in addition to other coding and theme development approaches. The problem solving and discovery method will be used where the instructor and students work together with all resources and resource persons they can identify to solve the problems of analysis and interpretation of the data sets.

Graduate Standing

Marshall Baker

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