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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Summary of Procedures for the Master of Science Degree

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Refer to the University Catalog, the Graduate College web site, and the official thesis and dissertation handbook for additional information.  For students completing formal reports, refer to items 1–6 and


Consult a requested or assigned temporary advisor regarding enrollment during the first semester of classes.  Students admitted for the fall term should enroll in one credit hour of AGCM 5101 or AGED 5101.


Select a graduate committee of three graduate faculty (consisting of at least two members of the Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership graduate faculty, one of whom will serve as committee chair), and develop a plan of study.


Submit a plan of study to the Graduate College on line prior to completing the 17th credit hour of enrollment (which should include two of the five core courses in agricultural education).  This plan of study includes the courses you plan to take during your advanced degree program.  You will have an opportunity to revise it at the beginning of the semester you graduate.


All students must indicate on their plans of study whether or not they have completed Responsible Conduct of Research RCR) requirements.  These requirements are completed as an online tutorial ( during enrollment in AGCM 5101 or AGED 5101.  A copy of your completion report will be placed in your departmental academic file located in 464 Agricultural Hall.


All students must also indicate on their plans of study whether or not their research will involve human subjects.  This requirement involves the completion of an on-line tutorial (  When human subjects are to be used, approval must be received from the Office of University Research Compliance prior to the beginning of the research.  Check out the URC website and mail documents to the Office of University Research Compliance, 219 Cordell North, Stillwater, OK 74078-1038.  Allow sufficient time to receive this approval.


At the beginning of your final semester, submit a revised plan of study (if needed) and a graduation clearance form to the Graduate College.  Once the Graduate College receives this form(s), you will be cleared for on-line submission of your diploma application through the Registrar’s Office.


For students completing a thesis (not a formal report), complete your research, prepare a draft copy, and submit a copy to your thesis advisor at least two weeks prior to the deadline for format review established by the Graduate College.  The Graduate College will offer two format review workshops on the Stillwater campus each semester along with the option to meet the format review requirement on line.


Schedule your thesis defense with your committee, defend your thesis, and submit the results to the Graduate College by the thesis defense deadline.


Upon successful completion of your thesis defense (oral examination), you will receive directions for submitting your thesis on line from the Graduate College within two working days.


When you submit your thesis on line, also submit one copy of your signed approval page and submit one copy of your signed abstract to the Graduate College by the on-line thesis submission deadline.  The only signature missing will be that of the Graduate College Dean.  Thesis bond paper is no longer required.


You are not done when you submit your thesis on line and submit hard copies of your approval page and abstract.  You will receive an e-mail from the Graduate College either requesting changes or confirming that you have completed degree requirements.  It is very important to use an e-mail address you check regularly.


If you are completing a formal report, work with your advisor about deadlines.  You will make a presentation about your research, but the written results of your research will only be submitted to your committee for approval.  The Graduate College does not require format reviews, defense forms, on-line submissions, signature pages, or abstracts from students completing formal reports.