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Teacher Certification in Agricultural Education

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The master's degree programs in Agricultural Education offer students the opportunity to acquire a teaching certificate in agricultural education. This option is designed to meet the needs of those individuals with a B.S. degree in some field of agriculture who desire to teach it at the secondary level and earn a master's degree. The program includes courses and educational experiences that enhance the candidate's skills and knowledge in the processes of teaching and learning. The program is viewed as a practitioner's program, oriented strongly toward improving the candidate's professional proficiency.

Each student's record will be reviewed to determine if they meet standards for general education requirements for teacher education and for agriculture content requirements. Students may be required to take undergraduate courses to correct deficiencies. Specific requirements for certification are summarized below.

Foreign Language Competency
This competency may be met in one of two ways: 1. The student has completed two years of a high school foreign language with grades of A or B. 2. The student completes a five-credit-hour college foreign language course.

Grade-Point Average
The student's cumulative GPA (undergraduate and graduate) must be 2.50 or above.

Standardized Tests

  • Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) is a general education test covering reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) is the subject matter test for the certification area, in this case, Agriculture. The test covers agricultural business, plant and soil science, animal science, agricultural mechanics, and leadership. Students may take additional examinations to certify in other teaching fields
  • Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam (OPTE) is a test of a candidate's knowledge of teaching and learning. Because the certification is for grades 6-12, middle school and secondary school students are addressed in this examination.

Agricultural Coursework
Introductory coursework is required in the following agricultural areas: animal science, agricultural economics, horticulture, mechanized agriculture, plant science, soil science, natural resources, leadership, international dimensions, food science, and agricultural communications.

Graduate Credit
Eighteen credit hours of the required coursework in professional education may be taken for graduate credit: AGED 3203 (Planning the Community Program in Agricultural Education); AGED 4103 (Methods of Teaching Agriculture); EPSY 5103 (Human Development); SPED 5633 (Exceptional Child); and AGED 5900 (Graduate Internship - 6 hours student teaching).

Additional information about teacher certification may be obtained from the Director of Student Teaching, Dr. Jon Ramsey.