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Undergraduate Program: Agricultural Leadership B.S.

Students in agricultural leadership pursue a course of study that is multidisciplinary providing a strong foundation in agriculture and leadership. Agricultural leadership students develop a solid foundation in agricultural sciences and natural resources through a breadth of coursework including agricultural economics, animal science, entomology, mechanized agriculture, and plant and soil sciences. Students also take advanced agricultural courses in rural community development, international agriculture and environmental science.

Major requirements include coursework designed to develop knowledge related to leadership. The curriculum includes the following topics: best practices in leadership, personal leadership development and leadership theory. Additionally, students have the opportunity to develop an area of specialization related to agricultural leadership through the selection of 18 enrichment hours.

All leadership students prepare for their role as future agriculturists through a course in professional development and a 10-week internship experience. The professional development course focuses on effective team membership, and skills related to project management and professional presentations. Recent student internships have included experiences with the following organizations: Natural Resource Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Agricultural Research Service, Tyson Foods, John Deere, Farm Credit, Murphy Family Farms and Lazy E Arena, all of which serve as possible career paths.

Selected Major Requirements in Leadership
AGLE 1511: Introduction to Leadership
AGLE 2303: Personal Leadership Development
AGLE 2403: Agricultural Leadership in a Multicultural Society
AGLE 3303: Agricultural Leadership Theory and Practice
AGLE 3403: Social Change in Agriculture
AGLE 4203: Professional Development in Agriculture
AGLE 4300: Professional Internship in Agriculture

Available Enrichment in Leadership Education*
AGLE 3333: Contemporary Issues in Leadership
AGLE 4101: Seminar in Leadership Education
AGLE 4303: Facilitating Leadership Education Programs

*A minor in Leadership Education is available to all OSU students through the department. The minor requires 17 hours of coursework.

Student Organizations
The department sponsors a wide range of student organizations to assist students in gaining the leadership, interpersonal and professional skills needed for a successful career and personal fulfillment. Student organizations include Leadership League, Collegiate FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha, Collegiate 4-H, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and Collegiate Farm Bureau.

Possible Careers of Graduates
Cooperative Extension agent
• Agricultural loan agent
• Agricultural sales representative
• Director of member services
• Director of information
• Farm service agency representative
• Natural resource conservation manager

Degree Requirements
• Agricultural Leadership Degree Sheet
• Agricultural Leadership Extension Education Degree Sheet
• Agricultural Leadership International Studies Degree Sheet

Ag Leadership Minor Requirements
• Agricultural Leadership Minor Requirements

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