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Undergraduate Courses

Agricultural Communications Undergraduate Courses
AGCM 2113: Communications in Agriculture
AGCM 3101: Exploring Agricultural Communications
AGCM 3103: Communicating Agriculture to the Public
AGCM 3113: Writing for Agricultural Publications
AGCM 3123: Agricultural Broadcasting
AGCM 3203: Oral Communications in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
AGCM 3213: Layout and Design for Agricultural Publications
AGCM 3223: Web Design for Agricultural Organizations
AGCM 3233: Basic Photography and Photo Editing for Agriculture
AGCM 4113: Writing and Editing for Agricultural Publications
AGCM 4203: Professional Development in Agricultural Communications
AGCM 4300: Internship in Agricultural Communications
AGCM 4403: Planning Campaigns for Agriculture and Natural Resources
AGCM 4413: Capstone for Agricultural Communications
AGCM 4990: Problems in Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Education Undergraduate Courses
AGED 3101: Laboratory and Clinical Experiences
AGED 3103: Foundations and Philosophies of Teaching
AGED 3203: Planning the Community Program
AGED 4103: Methods of Teaching Agricultural Education
AGED 4113: Laboratory Instruction in Agricultural Education
AGED 4200: Student Teaching in Agricultural Education
AGED 4303: Facilitating Leadership in Education Programs
AGED 4713: International Programs in Education
• AGED 4803: International Study in Agricultural Education – Nicaragua
AGED 4990: Seminar and Problems in Agricultural Education

Agricultural Leadership Undergraduate Courses
AGLE 1511: Introduction to Leadership
AGLE 2303: Personal Leadership Development
AGLE 2403: Agricultural Leadership in a Multicultural Society
AGLE 3303: Agricultural Leadership Theory and Practice
AGLE 3333: Contemporary Issues in Leadership
AGLE 3403: Social Change in Agriculture
AGLE 3803: Global Leadership in Agriculture
AGLE 4101: Seminar in Leadership Education
AGLE 4203: Professional Development in Agriculture
AGLE 4300: Agricultural Leadership Internship
AGLE 4303: Facilitating Leadership in Education Programs
AGLE 4990: Seminar and Problems in Agricultural Education

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