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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Research Conference

American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Research Conference

Back: Dr. Robert Terry Jr., Chris Eck, Nathan Smith Front: Jessica Tombs, Dr, Jon Ramsey

The national meeting and research conference of the American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) took place May 20-24 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership was well represented.

Attendees of the conference included three faculty members and three students. Faculty attendees included: Dr. Jon W. Ramsey, Nathan Smith and Dr. Robert Terry Jr. . Student attendees included: Chris Eck, Brandon Raczkoski and Jessica Tombs.

Oklahoma State University’s AECL department took home awards in several categories.

Outstanding Dissertation

  • Examining Predictors of students Motivation to Enroll in a Study Abroad Course From a Relative Cost Perspective

Brandon M. Raczkoski

J. Shane Robinson, Dissertation Adviser

1st runner-up article of the year for The Journal of Agricultural Education

  • Ruth, T. K., Settle, Q., Rumble, J. N., & McCarty, K. (2018). Predicting likelihood to pay attention to agriculture-related issues in the news with demographic characteristics. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(2), 49-63

Distinguished Research Conference Manuscript

  • Developing Metrics for Predicting Student Motivation to Enroll in a Short-Term Study Abroad Course from an Expectancy-Value-Cost Perspective

Brandon M. Raczkoski, J. Shane Robinson, M. Craig Edwards, Marshall A. Baker, Sarah R. Gordon, and Ki L. Matlock-Cole

Other Recognitions

  • Jon Ramsey was selected to serve as association treasurer


OSU AECL was also well represented in papers, research posters, and innovative idea posters that were presented.

Papers Presented:

  • Teacher Locus of Control and Teacher Self-Efficacy of Agricultural Educators in Southeast Missouri

Jessica M. Toombs, Dr. Robert Terry, Jr., Dr. J. Shane Robinson, Dr. Penny Weeks

  • Benefits of Using Service-Learning in the Preparation of Teachers: An Analysis of Agricultural Education Teacher Educators’ Beliefs and Intentions

Dr. Richie Roberts, Dr. M. Craig Edwards, Dr. J. Shane Robinson

  • Assessing the Scientific Literacy in Agriculture of Secondary Agricultural Education Students – An Exploratory Study

Marshall A. Baker, Christopher Eck

  • A Q-Methodological Study of the Perspectives of American Agriculture Culture Held by Students at a Land- Grant University

Jorge Gonzalez, Marshall A. Baker, Diane Montgomery

  • Identifying the Characteristics Necessary for Becoming an Effective Agricultural Education Teacher: A National Study

Christopher J. Eck, J. Shane Robinson, Jon W. Ramsey, Ki Lynn Cole

  • Where Do We Learn?: A Multi-Site Case Study of the Learning Spaces of Rural Agricultural Education Programs

Joenelle L. Futrell, Marshall A. Baker, J. Shane Robinson, Toni Ivey

Research Posters Presented:

  • Assessing the Prioritization of Major Coursework in Undergraduate Agricultural Education Students – An Exploratory Study

Christopher J. Eck, Jon W. Ramsey - Oklahoma State University

Innovative Idea Posters Presented:

  • A Short-Term SBAE Teacher in Residence Program

Jessica M. Toombs, Christopher J. Eck, Kathryn L. Teixeira, Jon W. Ramsey, J. Shane Robinson, Nathan Smith, Robert Terry, Jr.

  • AGSPOSURE: An Intervention to Increase Agricultural Awareness Among Minority Youth

Courtney P. Jordan, Craig E. Watters, M. Craig Edwards

  • Teach Ag Digital Escape Room

Kathryn L. Teixeira, Christopher J. Eck. Jessica M. Toombs, and J. Shane Robinson

The OSU AECL Department is very proud of these students and faculty members and commends them on all of their hard work and dedication.