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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Awards

2019 Agricultural Media Summit Attendees and Award Recipients.

The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education Communications and Leadership received numerous National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Awards at the recent 2019 Agricultural Media Summit.

The titles awarded to the OSU AECL department and students are as follows:

Outgoing National ACT President from 2018-19
Mandy Taylor

Outgoing National ACT Vice President from 2018-19
Kane Kinion

Incoming National ACT Vice President for 2019-20
Macee Hammack

2019 National Critique and Contest Awards

Writing Division — 123 Entries

Long Feature Story

  • 3rd – Ashley Hurd, “Reflecting on a Century of Tradition”
  • 2nd – Kiera Leddy, “Be a Duck”

Long Personality Story

  • 5th – Vanessa Wiebe, “Riding After a Dream”
  • 4th – Hannah Young, “Winning Big at the World Dairy Expo”
  • 3rd – Kiera Leddy, “A Man in a Black Cowboy Hat”
  • 2nd – Kane Kinion, “The Path Less Traveled”

News Story

  • 3rd – Adrienne Blakey, “Cowboys Work to Combat Food Insecurity”
  • 2nd – Jackson Mayberry, “Sitton earns National Award”

Research Related Writing

  • 2nd – Kiera Leddy, ”Food Fight Reaches Halt in Washington, D.C.”
  • 1st – Katelin Spradley,“Retaining the Red”

Short Feature Story

  • 5th – Victoria Lock, “A Peanut Butter Evolution”
  • 3rd – Kate Miller, “There’s an App for That”

Short Personality Story

  • 4th – Sierra Beauford, “Warrior. Survivor. Believer.”
  • 3rd – Cayley Strickland, “Blame it All on His Roots”

Single Blog Entry

  • 1st – Jera Pipkin, “Charting the Course”


Electronic Media Division — 35 Entries

Long Video Package

  • 2nd – Jamie Johnson and Cayley Strickland, “Sage Becker Research Story”

Short Video Package

  • 3rd – Chelsea Dinterman, “Electronic Nose Research”


Design and Layout Division — 119 Entries

Advertisement Design

  • 4th – Jackson Mayberry, Kate Miller, Jera Pipkin and Tanner Lopez, “OSU CASNR Ad Cowboy Journal”
  • 3rd – Mary Frost, ”DASNR”
  • 2nd – Victoria Lock, “Put a Ring on it”

Logo Design

  • 5th – Hannah Young, “Hannah Elyse Creative”
  • 4th – Erica Summerfield, “Costa Rica Photo Tour”
  • 2nd – Macee Hammack, “Flatrock Reproduction Services”

Poster or Flyer Design

  • 4th – Jera Pipkin, “Greene County FFA Livestock Exposition”
  • 2nd – Hannah Young, “Almond Leadership Program Golf Tournament”
  • 1st – Kiera Leddy, “Animal Science Gala Reunion”

Blog Design

  • 1st – Annie Frische, “Community of Change”

Page Layout

  • 4th – Kassidy Weathers, “Little Steps. Big Impact.”
  • 3rd – Katelin Spradley, “Retaining the Red”
  • 2nd – Cheyenne Jones, “Pivotal Potential”
  • 1st – Haley Stark, “Going Against the Grain”


Web Design

  • 4th – Kristyn Smith, “KS Photo Website”
  • 2nd – Megan Silveira, “Silver Lining Media”
  • 1st Web Design – Jera Pipkin, “Portfolio Website”


Photography Division — 319 Entries

Animal Photo

  • 4th – Mikayln White, “Denver”
  • 3rd – Kane Kinion, “Eyes on the Prize”

Black & White Photo

  • 1st – Jamie Johnson, “Great Western Plains”

Food Photo

  • 2nd – Mary Frost, “Frost_Food”
  • 1st – Mikayln White, “Farmers Market”

Other Photo

  • 5th – Stanley Gaffrey, “The Coast is Clear”
  • 2nd – Rachel Booth, “Cotton Seed Hulls”

People Photo

  • 5th – Kristyn Smith, “Senior Year Smiles”
  • 3rd – Macee Hammack, “New Baby”
  • 2nd – Jackson Mayberry, “Wind Tunnel”

Photo Series

  • 1st– Jamie Johnson, “Year of the Yards”

Plant Photo

  • 3rd – Mary Frost, “Frost_Plant”
  • 1st – Haley Stark, “Soybean Pod”

Scenic Photo

  • 4th – Chelsea Dinterman, “Reflections”
  • 2nd – Cristin Shepard, “Rushing Falls”
  • 1st – Rachel Booth, “Evening Fog”


Public Relations Division — 22 Entries

News Release

  • 1st – Jackson Mayberry, “ODOT to Add Half-mile Markers”

PR Campaign

  • 2nd – Caitlin Stehr, Katy Teixeira, Katy Ronck, Kristyn Smith and JoMarie Hickerson, “OSU Research Week”
  • 1st – Annie Frische, “WIRED Public Relations Campaign”

PR Single Item

  • 1st – Lauren Raley, “National Park Service Rack Cards”

Public Relations Award of Excellence

Annie Frische, “WIRED Public Relations Campaign”

Publication Division — 17 Entries

Brochure/ Pamphlet

  • 4th – Adrienne Blakey, “Our Daily Bread”
  • 3rd – Kathryn Teixeira, “Keeper of the Game”
  • 2nd – Matt Staples, “CASNR Alumni Board”


  • 1st – Adrienne Blakey, “Corteva Connection”


  • 2nd “Cowboy Journal, Winter/Spring 2019”

Congratulations to all of the students and faculty for such an outstanding year! We look forward to seeing what this next school year has to offer.