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Agricultural Leadership Lessons in the NIFA Priority Areas

NIFA Priority Areas

Lessons found on this site are intended to be used by faculty to enhance the agriculture context of leadership lessons. Specifically, lessons were written in context of four of the five 2012 National Institute for Food and Agriculture's priority areas: climate change, sustainable energy, hunger and food security, and food safety. Faculty at the three partnering institutions identified topics typically taught in Agricultural Leadership programs and then wrote leadership lessons to support a specific leadership theory. The lessons are not meant to be stand alone lessons, but rather supplements, activities, or applications to the leadership theories and concepts taught in the collegiate classroom. Lessons were peer reviewed and then field tested before being shared through this dissemination effort. Questions regarding the lessons can be directed to any one of the following faculty members.

Project Director: Penny Pennington Weeks, Oklahoma State University

Co-PI: Scott Burris, Texas Tech University

Co-PI: Jill Anderson Rucker, University of Arkansas

Co-PI: William Weeks, Oklahoma State University

Lessons for Download Here

*These lessons were developed as part of a 2012 - 2016 USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant Project