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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions: Agricultural Communications

What is the current enrollment in agricultural communications?
More than 150 students are enrolled in agricultural communications at OSU. Students can earn a degree in agricultural communications or double major in agricultural communications and animal science. Others specialize their degree with a minor in leadership, agricultural economics, plant and soil sciences, horticulture, theater or other academic areas.

What student professional organizations are available in agricultural communications?
OSU's student organizations help students build networks of professional contacts and bring together students of like interests. Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow is a national organization for agricultural communications students. OSU's chapter has won more national ACT awards than any other chapter nationwide. The chapter conducts community service activities and career-development workshops, as well as social activities for members.

What do I do with a degree in agricultural communications?
The sky is the limit for agricultural communications graduates. Jobs in agricultural communications are increasing in abundance across the United States. The agricultural communications curriculum prepares students for a variety of jobs ranging from photography, writing, advertising, sales, Web design and public relations to radio and television broadcasting. Students can choose the area that best suits their personality and strengths. The program also prepares students for graduate and professional schools, including law school.

Do I need an internship?
Yes! Internships provide agricultural communications students with experience in the working world. Experience is the key word when it comes to beginning an agricultural communications career, and internships are what help OSU students outshine others. OSU agricultural communications students have completed internships on campus, throughout the state and across the nation with excellent results. Students can even complete an internship the summer prior to enrolling at OSU. Go to the internship course website for more information.

What is the salary of an agricultural communications graduate?
Agricultural communications graduates can expect to start at a base salary of $25,000-$45,000 with annual increases. Salaries vary with location, job position and responsibilities.