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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Awards

OSU agricultural communications students captured 58 awards at National ACT Contest

Several Oklahoma State University students from the Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership department recently captured 58 awards from the National ACT Critique contest. These students entered their communications-related projects from personal, school and work projects to be critiqued and awarded for their quality. The OSU ACT Chapter took home the most awards of any chapter present at this year's Ag Media Summit. This year's summit took place August 4-8 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Overall Winners: 
Public Relations PR Single Item - Megan Trantham & Wyatt Shaw
Writing Long Personality Profile - Julianna Albrecht
Photo Photo Series - Braden Schovanec
Publication Magazine - Oklahoma State

Ad Design:
Second Place - Alexis Shanes
Third Place - Kory Frazier
Fourth Place - Haley Ashwood
Fifth Place - Wyatt Shaw

Blog Design:
First Place - Annie Frische

Graphic Design for Print of Web:
Third Place - Haley Stark
Fourth Place - Kelsey Stimpson

Page Layout:
Fifth Place - Cowboy Journal Staff

Web Design:
Fourth Place - Alexis Shanes
Fifth Place - Kaylee Cox

Long Feature Story:
First Place - Jackson Mayberry
Second Place - Haley Stark
Fifth Place - JoMarie Hickerson

Long Personality Profile:
First Place - Julianna Albrecht
Second Place - Tanner Lopez
Third Place - Haley Stark
Fifth Place - Alexis Shanes

News Story:
First Place - Alexis Shanes
Second Place - Jackson Mayberry
Fourth Place - Peyton Haley

Research-Related Writing:
Second Place - Caitlyn Minton

Short Feature Story:
Second Place - Justin Leonard

Short Personality Profile:
First Place - Jacob Sitton
Third Place - Kylie Sellers
Fourth Place - Zadie McElhaney
Fifth Place - Jennifer Bedwell

Animal Photo:
Second Place - Maddy Udell
Fourth Place - Annie Frische

Black & White Photo:
First Place - Cordelle Elsener
Second Place - Ashley Hanson
Third Place - Jamie Johnson

Food Photo:
First Place - Braden Schovanec
Third Place - Jackson Mayberry
Fifth Place - Taylor Kennedy

Other Photo:
First Place - Annie Frische
Second Place - Braden Schovanec

People Photo:
Fourth Place - Braden Schovanec
Fifth Place - Mason Seelke

Photo Series:
First Place - Braden Schovanec
Third Place - Michelle Helm
Fourth Place - Erica Summerfield

Scenic Photo:
First Place - Jennifer Bedwell
Second Place - Mason Seelke

Short Video Package:
First Place - Wyatt Shaw, Cordelle Elsner, Whitney Wilkerson
Third Place - Jera Pipkin, Caitlyn Minton, Mary Jones

PR Single Item:
First Place - Megan Trantham & Wyatt Shaw

Social Media Campaign:
First Place - Chelsea Dinterman, Sarah Drown, Macee Hammack, Erica Summerfield & Caitlin Stehr
Second Place - Oklahoma State University ACT
Third Place - Kaci Livingston, Wyatt Shaw & Mary Frost
Fifth Place - Kate Miller, Braden Schovanec, Logan Van Allen & Hope Watkins

First Place - Haley Stark
Third Place - Jamie Johnson
Fourth Place - Jamie Johnson, Erica Summerfield, Justin Leonard and Rebekah Nash
Fifth Place - Chelsea Dinterman

First Place - Oklahoma State
Third Place - Oklahoma State

Newsletter/ Tabloid:
Third Place - Rebekah Nash
Fourth Place - Chelsea Dinterman

The OSU ACT Chapter is advised by agricultural communications professor Shelly Sitton.
Ag Media Summit
OSU AECL students and faculty attend the annual Agricultural Media Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.