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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Spring 2020 Teacher in Residence: Scott Nemecek

Scott NemecekScott Nemecek, Agricultural Education Instructor, Owasso, Oklahoma

STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership faculty and staff hosted the fourth visiting teacher of The Teacher in Residence Program, Scott Nemecek.

Nemecek is an agricultural education instructor at Owasso High School. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1985 with a bachelor’s in agricultural education, and he has been teaching for 35 years.

“The Teacher in Residence Program started off as an idea to bring current agricultural teachers onto campus to interact with agricultural education students,” said Rob Terry, Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership department head. “We’ve been able to bring four agricultural teachers to campus over the past couple of years, to spend about half a week with faculty members and our students.”

The program brings a current in-service Oklahoma agricultural teacher onto campus to interact with preservice teachers, and see what has changed since they were a part of the program, said Chris Eck, agricultural education instructor.

“Mr. Nemecek taught our AGED 3203 class, which is our junior level class,” said Eck. “He will also get to teach our AGED 4103 teaching methods class, and work with one of our AGED 3203 labs.”

Eck said Nemecek will also have the opportunity to visit a current agricultural education student teacher at their host school. There Nemecek will assist professors in giving feedback to the student teacher and report on the progress they are making in the classroom, said Eck. Nemecek will also meet with deans and associate deans of the college while he is on campus to give feedback on the health of the teacher preparation program, said Eck.

“The students really appreciate and value the opinion of an in-service teacher,” said Eck. “Although all of the faculty and the graduate assistants in the department were previously agricultural teachers, the value lies within the fact that in-service teachers are in the classroom and with students every day.”

The agricultural education leadership at Oklahoma State University pick an agricultural science teacher each semester from a pool of qualified candidates that they feel are qualified for the program, said Eck.

“When Dr. Terry called and asked me to be a part of the program, I was very excited,” said Nemecek. “ I think it is a really good opportunity to connect teachers who are in the field with current students who are here at OSU in the agricultural education program.”

The faculty here at OSU have done a great job in integrating current in-service teachers into the program throughout students’ time here at the university, said Nemecek. There is a value in creating that connection between current teachers and future agricultural educators, said Nemecek.

“Being able to interact with students and being able to see their excitement about becoming agricultural educators, has been my favorite part of this program so far,” said Nemecek.

Nemecek shared with 3203 students about how to recognize students accomplishments and keep them encouraged and excited about the agriculture program and the FFA. Student recognition can have a positive impact in the community and the school as a whole, said Nemecek.

“I feel like I have always been guided down this path to being an agricultural educator whether that was from my mentors or my faith,” said Nemecek. “I just could never imagine myself doing anything else with my career.”

Nemecek will finish the teacher in residence program today with a student teacher visit, Eck said. The Oklahoma State University Agricultural Education program hopes that this program provides an opportunity for students to tie what they have learned in class to the real world out in the agricultural education field, Eck said.