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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Lessons for a Contextually Based Agricultural Leadership Curriculum*

NIFA Lessons
Leadership TheoryNIFA ContextLesson Title
Authentic Leadership Hunger and Food Security Katie Davis: A Lesson in Authentic Leadership
Change Climate Change Making COMET 2.0 Fly: A Team Activity for Leading Change
Ethics Food Safety Peanut Butter Landfill Time: A Million Jars to be Dumped
Fiedler's Contingency Theory Food Safety The Peanut Recall: From Start to Finish
Hersey & Blanchard's Situational Leadership Model Climate Change Measuring the Situational Climate: A Case Study in Situational Leadership
Influence Tactics Food Safety California Proposition 37: The Social Media Effect on Policy
Leader-Member Exchange Sustainable Energy American Canola: Why Can't Canola Get Along?
Leadership Behaviors: Task and Relationship Hunger and Food Security Volunteering for the School Backpack Program: A Leadership Style Lesson
Motivation Sustainable Energy Sun Gold Biodiesel: How to Get People to Show Up for Work. An Exercise in Motivation
Normative Decision Making Model Hunger and Food Security Wanted: Regional Community Food Bank Interns: A Case Study in Decision-Making
Power Climate Change Who Has the Power? A Pop-Culture Review of Climate Change Advocates
Team Leadership Sustainable Energy A Mighty Wind: Balancing Wind Energy and the Environment
Trait Theory Sustainable Energy Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice: A Case Study in Trait Theory
Trait Theory Climate Change Desmond D'Sa: An Article Analysis of a Man of Many Traits
Transactional, Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Food Safety USDA Leadership: Secretary Tom Vilsack
Various Hunger and Food Security The Leadership Interviews: Perspectives from Today's Leaders on Hunger and Food Security Issues.

*These lessons were developed as part of a 2012 USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant Project