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Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Agricultural Leadership Degree Completion Program

The Agricultural Leadership Degree Completion Program is designed to assist students with an associate’s degree by helping them complete their Bachelors of Science Degree online in Agricultural Leadership through Oklahoma State University.

The degree completion program in Agricultural Leadership is designed to assist Oklahomans with an associate’s degree complete their Bachelors of Science Degree in Agricultural Leadership at Oklahoma State University. Through a combination of on-line, hybrid and satellite courses, students will complete 60 hours of agricultural leadership and related coursework.

Students from Murray State, Northeastern A & M, and Connors State are part of a pilot program that began in the fall 2017 term. Students may elect to be full-time or part-time students.

A grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Higher Education Challenge Grant Program has provided support for this program.

How do I get started?

Step #1 – Earn your associate’s degree in agriculture from a two-year Oklahoma college.

Step #2 – Apply for admission to OSU and contact the Agricultural Leadership advisor.

Step #3 –Contact an Agricultural Leadership adviser to register for classes.

Step #4 Complete Agricultural Leadership requirements through online course work & earn a bachelor’s degree from OSU in Agricultural Leadership.


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Dr. Bill Weeks
Professor & Academic Advisor
444 Agriculture Hall

Dr. Penny Weeks
Professor & Program Director
445 Agriculture Hall